Top-of-the-line BIKES

The bicycle industry is fast-moving and new innovations are constantly emerging. The Tryathletics team strives to stay well informed of the latest advancements in bikes, and we only carry brands we ourselves trust and love like Kona Bikes. Just like running shoes, there’s a bike for each individual, and we focus on educating you and helping you find the right fit.

Because we have a shop in store, we emphasize building and maintaining bikes correctly and safely. The difference between Tryathletics and other retailers is that our staff builds each and every bike with care and attention to detail, and we’ll never try to oversell or overcharge for repairs. We direct our attention to finding you the perfect bike for your lifestyle and needs, and helping you keep it in great shape.

Yes, We Do Rentals!

We carry several top-of-the-line brands of bikes, but you may notice we’re partial to Kona. That’s because the Kona brand closely mirrors our own philosophy at Tryathleticsㅡthey believe the people selling and riding their bikes should be having fun and enjoying the sport. We believe Kona is a quality and trustworthy brand, and we recommend their bikes for many customers with various lifestyles. However, you can trust that the decision rests in your hands, and any bike you purchase from Tryathletics will be a great one.

Tryathletics bicycle servicing

Our full-service bike shop is staffed with some of the best mechanics in town. We want to get your bike back to you as soon as possible and typically can complete repairs within two to four days. If possible and logical, we’ll even try to get your fix done on the spot.

All labor rates listed are base prices. Labor rates are subject to change based on type of bike, setup and condition when brought in for service. Unless otherwise noted, all labor rates do not include parts.

Standard Tune-Up

The standard tune is our most popular tune-up.


We check all the nuts and bolts, adjust the brakes and gears, give the frame a quick wipe down and make sure the bike is ready to roll. It also includes a safety check with a free estimate of any visible safety problems or anything else we think might need to be done.

Complete Tune-Up

A major tune is a complete inspection, adjustment and lubrication of your bicycle.


We adjust gears and brakes, true wheels, adjust the headset, bottom bracket, hub axle cones, and check all nuts and bolts during a tune-up. We also grease and lube your bike as needed.


In an overhaul, we completely disassemble your entire bike in detail.


We hand-clean all components, re-lube and re-install them and re-assemble your bicycle. Then, we perform a complete tune-up. An overhaul gives a dirty, well-ridden bicycle a new life and greatly reduces wear and tear on all of its components. During an overhaul, we perform all repairs necessary to put your bike into the best shape it can possibly be. It will look like new! (Price varies depending on type of bicycle)


Separate repair services

Flat Tire$5 plus tube
Brake Adjustment$10 – Front or Rear
$15 – For both
Gear adjustment$10 – Front or Rear
$15 – For both
Hub Adjustment$15
Headset Adjustment$10
Wheel True$10-20
Broken Spoke$5 plus spoke
Brake bleed with fluid$10 – Front or Rear
$25 – For both
Drivetrain clean$50
Safety Check$10

Parts Installation Labor

Drivetrain part$10-20
Cable & Housing$5-20
Handlebar tape$10
We do not charge parts installation rates if the part is purchased from Tryathletics.

Bike Build & Shipping

Shipped bike build$60-100
Online purchased bike build$100
We only prepare bikes to be shipped. We cannot ship them for you.



Helmets are provided free of charge with bike rental. Recumbents and trailers are subject to availability, please call ahead if interested (same pricing as demos.)


Required: Name, address, phone number, photo ID, credit card

RatesSame DayOvernightThree DaysOne Week
Conventional Hybrid$20$30$75$150
Premium Kona demo$30$40$100$200

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